Training & Short Course Offerings:

Short course trainings address new international and domestic law, with emphasis on understanding recent regulations. They also focus on understanding current specific contexts, coordination amongst actors in the field, and human rights risk mitigation. Trainings are tailored to the organization’s needs and include a mix of components and methods, including simulations and conflict management.
Topics covered include international humanitarian law, law of armed combat, current dilemmas in warfare and law, and counterinsurgency in complex environments. Methods and materials adapted from Center for Strategic and Military Education (Johns Hopkins Center for Strategic and International Studies), National Defense University’s courses for foreign military officers, and George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies.
NGOs that operate in and around conflict zones need to understand the specific operating environment, as well as the dynamics of armed groups, how to negotiate access, and minimize threats. Courses cover relevant national and international law, how to adapt humanitarian goals to the situation, and current research on the workings of state and non-state armed groups.

For sample syllabi and schedule, please contact us.

Training Goals:

Our trainings enable organizations to reassess their own internal capacities, update their understanding of regulations and best practices, and better understand the complex dynamics of their operational environment. We can adapt to your organization’s needs in the field or at headquarters.

Recent Talks:

Kateri has 20+ years of teaching in diverse academic environments, ranging from the highest level of professional military education to liberal arts and university teaching (see resume).

She has lectured on private security, international humanitarian law, and the laws of war at:

  • George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, Germany
  • Harvard Law School’s Program on Human Rights, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • DePaul University Law School, Chicago, Illinois
  • National Defense University, Washington, DC
  • Monterey Institute for International Affairs, Monterey, California
  • Antonine University, Beirut, Lebanon