We work for:

PSCs, NGOs, and MNCs to assist them in complying with international law, industry standards, human rights risk and impacts, and best practices in complex environments.  To do so, we draw on an array of organizational backgrounds and skills to provide tailored advice and training to your organization’s needs.

We offer capacity building for organizations that need to understand new regulatory landscapes and provide a more nuanced approach to doing their work.  We help organizations become certified and prepare for audits, thereby assuring their compliance with global standards, and demonstrate their commitment to sustainable and respected business practices in conflict zones.

photo: Bruce Chadwick


  • Gap Analysis and Management Consulting
  • Human Rights Risk and Impact Assessments
  • Internal Capacity Building and Training

As new regulations emerge to provide oversight and enable best practices, companies are using compliance as a ‘business differentiator.’ We believe that all PSCs, regardless of size, can comply with regulations, and that compliance brings benefits to local communities, management, and employees alike.

Given the small, nimble aspect of our business, we can work with the company headquarters and do field work with ease. We have experience working in hostile environments, and knowledge of both regulatory and operational challenges. We can scale up or down based on the size of the company and its services. Our goal is to help companies to navigate successfully the new regulatory requirements and opportunities.

In general, our services will include an initial assessment of the firms internal policies and external operations; confidential interviews with relevant stakeholders, and guidance on preparing for an audit.

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